• Protecting Ward Patients: The Case for Continuous Monitoring

    Part 1
    Dr. Frederic Michard, MD, PhD
    20 minutes
    This webinar was presented during ESICM LIVES 2019 in Berlin, Germany.
  • Early Detection of Patient Deterioration on the General Care Floor: Instituting Effective Vital Sign Monitoring

    Part 2
    Dr. Carla Jungquist, PhD, ANP-BC, FAAN, Dr. Meera Joshi, PhD, MBBS, MRCS
    49 minutes
    Unexpected adverse events resulting in transfer to the ICU occur in up to 9% of patients on the general care floor (GCF). Changes in ventilation have been found to be a key sign of patient deterioration. Early detection of respiratory insufficiency is key as for every hour of delay in detecting patient deterioration on the GCF increases the risk of death in the ICU by 1.5% and mortality by 1%. This webinar will describe the current evidence and cost savings associated with continuous respiratory monitoring on the general care floor.
  • Danger on Surgical Wards

    Part 3
    Daniel I. Sessler, MD
    25 minutes
    This webinar was presented during Euroanaesthesia 2020
  • Monitoring the Unmonitored by Dr. Sadia Khan

    Part 4
    Dr Sadia Khan
    40 minutes
    Listen to the presentation by Dr. Sadia Khan and Dr. Mike Wright at the UK Patient Safety Congress in September 2021.

    Dr. Khan, Service Director for Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine, Honorary Senior Lecturer at Imperial College. Dr. Wright, Innovation Business Partner at CW+.
  • Make the leap to ward monitoring 4.0

    Part 5
    Dr. Frederic Michard, MD, PhD, Prof. Bernd Saugel, Dr Sadia Khan
    60 minutes
    The digital symposium was hosted during the ESAIC 2021 on 18th Dec 2021 and it covers the following sessions:
    1. Why ward monitoring must be changed? (Prof Bernd Saugel)
    2. How to ensure high quality
    monitoring? (Dr Frederic Michard)
    3. Real world experience on ward monitoring (Dr Sadia Khan)
    4. Q&A moderate by the Chair – Prof Ashish K. Khanna