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Hospitals require exceptional technologies and measurement tools in order to detect cardiac events quickly and begin treatment sooner. Of critical importance to cardiac care are clinically-validated software algorithms for ECG interpretation. Their ability to help you quickly identify and analyze arrhythmias, changes in ST level, and QT/QTc intervals is playing a key role in advancing cardiac care.

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Non-invasive monitoring of brain activity is an indispensable tool for managing critically ill and surgical patients. Innovations in electrophysiological recording and analysis – such as computer-assisted EEG – are enabling quicker and more accurate interpretation of neurophysiologic data. In many cases, the diagnostic and prognostic value of this information is enabling clinicians to direct treatment more effectively to improve outcomes. 

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Continuous non-invasive monitoring of a patient’s respiratory function is an essential component of patient management. A patient’s respiration can become depressed, often suddenly, for a number of reasons, including the use of sedation or anesthesia, severe illness or trauma. 

Monitoring of respiratory parameters helps ensure adequate ventilation, reduce complications, and improve patient safety. To successfully manage ventilation and therapy, the clinician requires powerful tools and technologies, from respiratory gas exchange and pulmonary mechanics to metabolic monitoring.

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