• Intra-operative Pediatric and Neonatal Mechanical Ventilation Strategies

    Part 0
    Prof. Javier Garcia Fernandez
    60 minutes
    Join Prof. Javier Garcia Fernandez, MD, as he discusses Intra-operative Mechanical Ventilation strategies for Pediatric and Neonate patients in this Clinical View webinar.
  • Lung Protective Ventilation in the OR: Tips about Recruitment Maneuvers and PEEP

    Part 1
    Prof. Javier Garcia Fernandez
    90 minutes
    Dr. Javier Garcia Fernandez discusses lung physiology and how to apply lung recruitment strategies in the operating room. He reviews customizing patient PEEP settings to help reduce post-operative lung complications. Dr. Fernandez is chair of the Department of Anesthesia in Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro Majadahonda in Madrid. He has published numerous human and animal research studies on the pharmacokinetics of anesthetic drugs, ventilation and pediatric ventilation.
  • Improving Cardiac Workflow with Digitization

    Part 2
    Dr. Albert Hans P. Bautista, MD, FPCP, FPCC, FPSE
    60 minutes
    Watch this webinar with Dr. Albert Hans P. Bautista who will talk about how improving the cardiac workflow can lead to better patient outcome.
  • Metabolics Overview: The Basics of Nutritional Support and Relevant Use Cases

    Part 3
    Dr. Robert N. Bilkovski, MD, MBA
    60 minutes
    Listen to the Dr. Bob Bilkovski webinar: The basics of nutritional support and relevant use cases
  • Implementing Standardized Response to Deterioration Using the NEWS

    Part 4
    Dr Matthew Inada-Kim
    80 minutes
    Elevate Educational Webinar Series on Implementing Standardized Response to Deterioration Using the NEWS by Dr Matthew Inada-Kim
  • Are we doing our best to reduce the risks of postoperative pulmonary complications?

    Part 5
    Dr. Marco Luchetti, MD, MSc, Dr. Marc Wysocki, MD, MMC
    55 minutes
    Listen to this insightful presentation by two leading experts in the field of anesthesia and respiratory care, Dr. Marco Luchetti and Dr. Marc Wysocki. They will discuss how to implement lung protective ventilation (LPV) that can help reduce the risk of postoperative pulmonary complications (PPC) to improve patient perioperative outcomes. A special focus will be given to using clinical information systems to support perioperative lung protection.

    Topics discussed
    • Impact of PPC on perioperative outcomes
    • Importance of quantitative neuromuscular transmission (NMT) monitoring
    • LPV: preserving lung function and avoiding injury
    • A review of 2019 LPV Forum guidelines
    • Suggested anesthesia machine settings for LPV
  • Driving Pressure and Mechanical Power: Current and Future Role in the Management of ARDS

    Part 6
    Dr. Eddy Fan, MD, PhD
    51 minutes
    Watch a presentation by Dr. Eddy Fan on the concepts of driving pressure and mechanical power as they relate to ventilator-induced lung injury, and their role in becoming potential targets for optimizing lung protective ventilation. He discusses current evidence and ongoing trials focused on these variables in managing ARDS patients in the ICU.
  • Nutrition in the Critically Ill and the Importance of Indirect Calorimetry

    Part 7
    Dr. Pierre Singer
    60 minutes
    Listen to the webinar by Prof. Pierre Singer about Nutrition and Indirect Calorimetry in the ICU.
  • NMT Monitoring: Physiology and Clinical Use, Part 1

    Part 8
    Dr. Swapnil Shivaji Pawar
    60 minutes
    Listen the webinar about NMT Monitoring, the physiology and clinical use by Dr Swapnil Pawar.
  • NMT Monitoring: Physiology and Clinical Use

    Part 9
    Dr. Swapnil Shivaji Pawar
    90 minutes
    Listen to the webinar about NMT monitoring - physiology and clinical use by Dr Swapnil Pawar
  • Individualizing Lung Protective Ventilation in the ICU

    Part 10
    Dr. Armin Kalenka
    60 minutes
    GE Healthcare ASEAN is proud to present to you ELEVATE: A GE Healthcare Educational Webinar Series which focuses on improving patient care across the different care areas of the hospital. Each topic in the series is designed to elevate your clinical knowledge on some of the hottest clinical topics.
  • The Use of ECG in Neonatal Resuscitation

    Part 11
    Dr. Tomasz Szczapa, MD, PhD
    60 minutes
    Join us for this webinar with Dr. Tomasz Szczapa, MD, PhD who will discuss about the use of ECG in Neonatal Resuscitation.
  • Applying Alveolar Recruitment Maneuvers in the Operating Room: Physiological Concepts and Practical Recommendations

    Part 12
    Dr. Christopher C. Young, M.D., FCCM
    49 minutes
    Join Dr. Young for a review of Alveolar Recruitment Maneuvers (ARMs) used in lung protective ventilation (LPV) for anesthesia delivery. He will discuss the physiological concepts of atelectasis formation, and its reversal, and examine the use of ARMS to reduce driving pressure. Recommendations from an expert panel on LPV and anesthesiology will be reviewed as well.
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