• COVID-19: Observations in Germany and ECMO considerations

    Part 2
    Prof. Armin Kalenka, MD , Dr. Philipp Lepper
    Observations on battling the disease progression of COVID-19 in Germany by Dr. Armin Kalenka, Heidelberg University Hospital, and Dr. Philipp Lepper, Saarland University Hospital.
  • Ventilation in COVID-19 Patients

    Part 3
    Dr. Rodrigo Cornejo , Norberto Tiribelli
    Lung protective ventilation strategies as well as best practices for ventilating coronavirus patients in the prone position will be discussed. This includes the benefits of monitoring esophageal pressure, effects of PEEP on EELV, and methods to measure lung volume in ARDS cases.
  • COVID-19: Global Disease Dynamics and Hands-on Treatment Best Practices

    Part 4
    Pr. Luciano Gattinoni
    Listen to an important report by Pr. Luciano Gattinoni on managing critical parameters of ventilatory support for COVID-19 patients. As a researcher and a mentor to clinicians across Europe, Pr. Gattinoni has a unique, comprehensive perspective on COVID-19 care. In this webinar of April 9, 2020, he shares his observations of the disease as well as criteria on when to ventilate a COVID-19 patient. Differences between ARDS and COVID-19 infected lung anatomy will be shared. A live Q&A session is included in this webinar recording.
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