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Low-flow Anesthesia Series: Part 2 - End-tidal Control

Watch this video to learn how End-tidal (Et) Control software on the Aisys™ CS2 Anesthesia Delivery System helps clinicians practice safe, low-flow anaesthesia1, so they can focus more time on patients and not on adjusting machine settings.

Anesthesia providers can set targets for end-tidal oxygen (EtO2) and end-tidal anesthetic agent (EtAA), and the Et Control software2 will automatically and efficiently adjust fresh gas concentrations to quickly achieve and maintain these targets, even with changes in the patient’s hemodynamic and metabolic status. Providers can switch to manual fresh gas control at any time. Safety mechanisms help maintain targets, so providers can practice low-flow anesthesia with confidence.

1. Refer to GE Healthcare Et Control Pivotal Study Report DOC2163005. When used as indicated, Et Control is as clinically safe as manual fresh gas control.

2. Et Control in the United States is indicated for patients 18 years of age and older.

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