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Market Report

Market Report: The State of Flexible Healthcare Delivery

Addressing adaptability, spikes in patient acuity, staffing challenges, and rising costs

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Today’s hospital and health system leaders recognize that their organizations must be able to flex and adapt quickly to critical, and often unexpected, changes. Many hospitals are exploring flexible healthcare delivery, including by adapting care around the patient as acuity changes.  Of organizations that have implemented Adaptable Acuity Units (AAUs) models, 87% report that AAUs have a positive impact on the workforce. Additionally, 80% cite reduced length of stay, and 81% cite staff efficiencies as benefits of enhanced flexibility. Download the new market report, The State of Flexible Healthcare Delivery, to learn more about current trends in how hospitals are leveraging flexible care models to manage spikes in patient acuity, staffing challenges, and rising costs.

* The reported findings are from a 2023 double blinded, independently conducted research study which surveyed hospital and health system executives and leaders in the United States. The survey engaged 204 individuals, 73 of which reported working within healthcare institutions that have already implemented flexible care models.