Non-invasive monitoring of brain activity is an indispensable tool for managing critically ill and surgical patients. Innovations in electrophysiological recording and analysis – such as computer-assisted EEG – are enabling quicker and more accurate interpretation of neurophysiologic data. In many cases, the diagnostic and prognostic value of this information is enabling clinicians to direct treatment more effectively to improve outcomes. 

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9 Documents
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NMT quick guide
Introduction to Neuromuscular transmission
September 4, 2017 Download/View
NMT reference article list
List of articles about Neuromuscular Transmission
January 27, 2017 Download/View
Entropy Quick Guide
Entropy Quick Guide
January 24, 2017 Download/View
Alarm management white paper
Bringing Order Out of Chaos
September 22, 2016 Download/View
Entropy reference article list
Entropy reference article list, updated in Aug 2016
August 17, 2016 Download/View
Entropy Sensor comparative study
Entropy Sensor comparative study
February 10, 2015 Download/View
Assessment of surgical stress during general anaesthesia
Abstract: Assessment of surgical stress during general anaesthesia
January 29, 2015 Download/View
Introduction to Entropy Monitoring Video
Total time 7:55
November 19, 2012 Download/View
October 10, 2012 View