Hospitals require exceptional technologies and measurement tools in order to detect cardiac events quickly and begin treatment sooner. Of critical importance to cardiac care are clinically-validated software algorithms for ECG interpretation. Their ability to help you quickly identify and analyze arrhythmias, changes in ST level, and QT/QTc intervals is playing a key role in advancing cardiac care.

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14 Documents
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Cardiac output and PiCCO technology Quick Guide
Cardiac output and PiCCO technology Quick Guide
April 10, 2017 Download/View
Alarm management white paper
Bringing Order Out of Chaos
September 22, 2016 Download/View
EK-Pro Arrhythmia Algorithm Quick Guide
Quick guide of EK-Pro Arrhytmia Quick Guide
June 2, 2016 Download/View
EK-Pro white paper - The choice for quality ECG arrhythmia monitoring
The choice for quality ECG arrhythmia monitoring
January 19, 2015 Download/View
ST-Segment Monitoring - Benefits, Barriers, and Pathways to Acceptance
White paper
December 11, 2014 Download/View
Monitoring of the QT interval in perioperative and critical care
White paper
December 11, 2014 Download/View
GE Datex-Ohmeda Bedside Arrhythmia Monitoring Quick Guide
November 2, 2011 Download/View
Abstract: Frequency and Outcomes of Transient Myocardial Ischemia in Critically Ill Adults Admitted for Noncardiac Conditions
ABSTRACT of the article published on the American Journal of Critical Care website
October 4, 2011 Download/View
Detecting and treating myocardial ischemia using ST trend analysis
Case scenario
August 17, 2011 Download/View
Ventricular repolarization
Clinical paper
August 17, 2011 Download/View
12-lead ST Monitoring
Quick guide
June 1, 2011 Download/View
Atrial Fibrillation - A clinical introduction
April 1, 2011 Download/View
Value of Monitoring a Second Precordial Lead for Patients in a Telemetry Unit
January 5, 2011 Download/View
Reducing Door-to-Balloon Time to Speed Up Treatment
Advocate Good Shepherd Hospital (Barrington, IL) case study
July 28, 2010 Download/View