Perinatal Care

The hours surrounding birth can be the most wonderful time in a woman’s life, or the most traumatic. If problems should arise, early detection and prompt, effective intervention can be critical.

That’s true across the spectrum of care, from labor and delivery to the NICU and well-baby nursery. Patients’ lives often depend upon accurate monitoring of maternal and infant vital signs, upon gentle and effective infant resuscitation and ventilation, and upon timely management of conditions ranging from hypothermia to hyperbilirubinemia.

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10 Documents
  Title Date Posted  
Alarm management white paper
Bringing Order Out of Chaos
September 22, 2016 Download/View
Gas Exchange Quick Guide
Gas Exchange Quick Guide
November 27, 2015 Download/View
  Golden Hour Video
Thermoregulation and preventing hypothermia
November 23, 2015 View
  Admission Transport Video
In-house transport and protection against heat loss
November 23, 2015 View
  Humidity Video
Transepidermal water loss and humidity
November 23, 2015 View
  Thermoregulation Troubleshooting Video
Troubleshooting thermoregulation issues
November 23, 2015 View
Enhancing patient comfort and NIBP performance in challenging areas
February 9, 2015 Download/View
Comparison of Patient Spirometry and Ventilator Spirometry
White paper
December 11, 2014 Download/View
The Role of the Microenvironment
June 29, 2012 Download/View
From Birth to Neonatal Unit
June 29, 2012 Download/View